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Vegas continued

Well despite my profound experience last night I’m still alive today, albeit abit sluggish.  The rest of the Vegas trips goes off without a trick.  A visit to Stratosphere to do a couple rides way up high (1000ft), great view though.

A show in the form of ‘Blue Man Group’ and a later ‘cirque de solea’ both go down a treat. Over the weekend I finally catch up with Ryan form Margaritiville and he shouts Bill and I about $200 worth of beer as a thankyou, very cool.   Dinner at Planet hollywood restaraunt goes down smooth! as do the 100oz ice teas from harley davidson. 

By the end of the week we’ve done better then scratch the surface, but it’s definitely time to see some new sights.  As the sun rises on another day we make our way to the airport and head Easy to Michigan state and a beautiful little city I’m soon to fall in love with called Chicago!

Goodbye Vegas, there’s life in me still and money in my wallet, so I think we’ll call it all square.


Wednesday 14th-Day 1 Vegas

Got a decent sleep, but take my word for it 35hour transit, one night’s sleep doesn’t cut the mustard!

Never the less it’s time to check out the strip.  Ok let’s leave Planet Hollywood Hotel.  It takes a minute or two to find the exit, that’s how big the casino floor is.  Ok out of the air conditioning and HOLY HELL IT”S HOT!

40degrees+ and a devestating dry desert heat hits u like a punch in the face! Didn’t look around too long, decided to dress up and head out at about 4pm.  The sun doesn’t go down ’till 9 so it’s still crazy hot at this point.  Next door is Paris.  They have a half sized eiffel tower, so still kinda huge.  It goes right through the building and you can ride up to the top.  I elect not to as it’s not free… saving my dimes in nickels, it is early after all.

Next place down is Flamingos.  Theres a variety of skimpy girls dancing on the tables but other then that, nothing doing.  Next place is Bill’s gambling salloon.  Bill is quite chuffed that his fame has preceeded him so we both enjoy the $3.00 coronas there for a little while.  Next stop however is where it’s all at.  One of the few places on the strip that doesn’t have any gaming!! Margaritiville.  I’ve gots me a groovy little photo of the barman I need to find.  I’m on a mission to deliver a bottle of bundy Rum from Australia to a chap named Ryan who helped out an aussie a few months prior.  So I’m here to deliver the thankyou gift.  I wander on in and present the photo to the bar staff explaining the situation.  What’s my luck? s#$t house! He’s in Canada on ‘vacation’ and wont be back ’till the weekend!

Well says Bill and I, we’d best try some of their Margaritas. So we get through half the menu in about 3 hours.  My right boot seems a bit wobbly, not sure what’s going on or why the floor is moving.  Or likewise why there’s a girl sliding down a chute into a tub of liquid in her bikini…. Welcome to Vegas!

Ok, off to the next place.  Irish pub! O’sheas I think was the name.  We discover a collection of long tables and a lot of shouting… What is this Beer Pong you speak of?

I’ve never played, apparantly it’s a U.S. College drinking game.  Well I’m game so Bill and I team up against a nice couple from the states.  We each have about 10 cups half full with beer and have two ping pong balls.   Throw them, if they land in ur oponents cup they have to drink.  They then throw them back and do the same.  Whoever has to drink all their beer looses… and gets realy drunk. 

The first game is close but the Aussies pull of a stunning victory despite the lass showing off her ample cleavage.  “Begginers luck!” Yells the Irish lads also winning on their table.  We both taunt each other, but we both are victorious so we hold our own table and can’t compete against each other!

Oh well.  Next contestants roll up, a group of four college students on summer break.  This is a very close contest.  We’re down to 4 cups, they have 2.  Bill and I jag a good throw each and take another victory!

Next battle begins (after we taunt the irish some more).  Four college girls.  This is gunna be easy.  And it is.  Within 10 minutes we take down their last cup and have 6 left of our own.

THey arn’t too happy, in fact they’re getting a bit angry… Then strangely security says that our aussie ID’s aren’t valid… everywhere else they are!  In retrospect we were very very loud and drunk so that might have had something to do with it.

Ok so we move on… Then something strange happens… My head spins, or is it the Earth… Yep, I can feel the EARTH moving!!!  Something profound is happening too me.  Mother Earth is talking to me… I can feel her heart beat, this is intense.  Will she open up the secrets of the world to me?  What will I learn?  I need to go somewhere to experience this moment properly.  I head to the closest toilet, slip over and smash my elbow and hip on the ground…. Ok Mother Earth is telling me to go home your drunk son!!

So I do, 3am, bed. Awwww I needed that ! 

First proper night out in Vegas, had fun- check- got drunk-check- hurt myself-check .


Tuesday 13th July 2010- Brisbane-Vegas

Left Australia, the start of my big trip!!! 2 years backpacking around the world starts now! My friend and I (Bill Pickering) both went to school together and became friends into our adult hood.  I had a bright idea of doing a world trip about 2 years ago, I guess I talked about it enough that BIll got keen to go as well! We both quit our jobs, sold most if not all of our stuff and now, here we are!

We leave Brissy and land in Fiji for a 5hour stopover and are treated to a taxi ride to a local resort where we watch the sunset and enjoy a few local brews.  The taxi driver sits with us and enjoys a coke and tells us about his little island home.

Sugar cane is a very common source of income for the locals.  Tourism is important.  We’re near a small reef which enables a nice, safe swiming location on the islands’ only white sand beach.

He’s full of information and we lap it up! We’re doing it, we’re travelling, we’re mixing with a local!!! 

Our new friend takes us back to the airport and we begin the second, 10 hour part of our journey.  We land in LA international.  So this is the US ha?  Ok so the airports bigger, people are driving on the wrong side of the road but, a city is a city is a city, nothing too drastic yet.

We move on and successfully get to our domestic conecting flight after another 5 hour wait! Finally we land in Vegas.  As we come in to land we can see the lights, ‘The Strip’, where it all happens.  Crazy!

By the time we’re into our room in Planet Hollywood (ie after we sorted the fact that we didn’t have a booking!!! some communication break down… eek!) it’s 10pm.  35 hour transit and only about 2hours sleep… Better check the place out quickly though.  We take a quick stroll down the strip and take in the sensory assault that is Vegas.

First of all, the sun’s been down for about 3 hours and it’s still over 35 degrees in a cruel dry heat. The streets are lined with 5foot mexicans palming off cards with girl’s details.  Bottles of water are also sold for $1.00 each.  At least thats wholesome.  Anyway, we skope out two or three joints b4 heading back to the room at 1am.

Just a quick look before we hit slumberland.  Not sure what to make of it yet, but we’ve got six more days after this so I’m sure time will tell if this is the place for us or not!